Intellectual Property isn't a transaction — it's a journey
Our Approach to Intellectual Property

Your guide along the journey

We accompany you along your business growth journey. It’s not just about “getting a patent”, you protect your intellectual property to build value in your company. Value comes in building an intellectual property portfolio. This portfolio can include patents on innovations, trademarks for your brands, a trade secret portfolio and program for protection, copyrights on your original authorships, licenses, and strong IP agreements up-stream and down-stream in your supply chain.

Prosecuting and enforcing intellectual property can be expensive.

The IP Journey - Curiosity - Strategy - Partners - DNA

Having a firm that understands how to identify value building opportunities will maximize your investment while building a strong defensible foundation.

Whether you are just learning about protecting your intellectual property or are ready to build a strong IP portfolio, we are here to help guide you along your journey.

1. Curious about IP

The journey starts when you begin to learn about IP and become aware of the importance of distinguishing your business from the competition. Our clients often become aware that intellectual property (IP), as in patents, trademarks, and copyrights might be important but want to better understand how IP works and the benefits of using IP strategically. We answer questions and provide education to help you begin.

Learn More About IP

2. Thinking Strategically About IP

At this stage of the journey, our clients have an understanding of the basic forms of IP and the importance of it in their business. Here we provide assessment, educational programs for employees, strategic planning for building an IP portfolio, and budget guidance for building that IP portfolio.

3. Become an IP Partner

At this stage of the journey, the Hamilton IP team is a strong partner in your commercialization. We help you to implement programs, regularly meet with leadership and other team members to answer questions and provide guidance. Your company IP is developing significant value.

4. IP is now in your Company DNA

Here IP is now considered in your everyday business decisions. Hamilton IP helps with programs for growing, monitoring, protecting, and enforcing your IP positions. Your IP value proposition is clear and growing.

Ready to Take the Journey?