We help you create your strategic IP Plan

The protection of your innovations is one of the pillars to building enterprise value. Our team provides an array of patent-related services, including identifying patentable subject matter, patent searches, global patent prosecution (drafting, filing, and negotiating with patent and trademark offices around the world), patent maintenance, and enforcement if necessary.



Integrating a trademark strategy to help build and protect your brand is critical to a comprehensive IP strategy. Our licensed US patent and trademark attorneys and experienced legal team handles our client trademark registration from start to finish, not only in the US but in jurisdictions around the world. We perform global trademark searches, draft, and file trademark applications, respond to office actions and help to enforce your marks and protect your brand.



Copyright law protects your original creative works, such as website copy, photographs, art, or music. We assist our clients in securing copyright protection on their original creative works and assist with enforcing and defending our client’s copyrights.



From secret recipes to financials to customer agreements, your business likely has many trade secrets. We help clients develop a comprehensive trade secret program tailored to their unique situation. From identifying trade secrets to establishing policies and procedures, and as well as implementing programs, we assist clients with establishing, maintaining and enforcing their trade secrets.

Trade secrets


Our experienced legal and business team works with clients to enter complex agreements and license intellectual property be it patents, trademarks, trade secrets, or copyrights. Negotiating and implementing licenses and business agreements that build value can happen both upstream and downstream in a supply chain, we help ensure that our clients don’t lose their intellectual property rights via a poor-quality agreement.

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