Provisional Patent Application (PPA)

Provisional Patent Application (PPA)

When can I file a PPA?

Often, this is the first step after a patent search. A patent search is not required, and some inventors are so familiar with the field of the invention that a patent search is not valuable. An inventor can file a PPA as soon as the invention is capable of being described in a way that a person skilled in the field could make and use the invention.

What do I need to file a PPA?

Prototypes of the invention are best, but not required. Photos, drawings, and descriptions of the invention are required so that the invention can be adequately explained in the PPA.

What is the procedure for filing a PPA?

The patent attorneys meet with the inventor to understand how the invention works and the benefits it provides. This meeting often lasts between one and three hours. After this initial meeting, the patent attorneys begin drafting the PPA, which may require additional contact with the inventor as questions arise. After a complete draft is finished, a copy is sent to the inventor for comments and review. When the inventor and the patent attorney are satisfied with the PPA, it is filed with the PTO.

How long does it take to file a PPA?

Typically, a PPA may be filed within four to six weeks of the initial meeting. If time is of the essence, this period may be shortened for an additional fee.