Living Greens Farm


An innovator with a PhD in finance was looking for an alternative investment for his clients. His research indicated that indoor farming would provide a higher rate of return than any traditional investments in the agriculture industry.

After working with a large firm, the founder determined he needed patent attorneys that were more hands-on, and who had a better understanding of agriculture. After meeting with the attorneys at Hamilton IP Law, he decided they would be a perfect fit. The attorneys from Hamilton IP Law would make regular visits to the client’s headquarters from that point forward to see the innovation in action and to advise and counsel the founder’s team on what types of innovations would be better protected through patents and trade secrets.

Today the company has 10 issued patents with over 25 patent applications pending around the world, as well as a vast catalogue of trade secrets with an established protection and confidentiality system. It also has over 15 issued trademarks and more than 20 pending trademarks around the world and has raised over $20 million in angel and venture capital.